Talking about collaboration

Effective collaboration between broadcasters and stakeholder groups such as extension workers, researchers, and women’s organizations can help improve the quality of information received by farmers in radio programs. If you are a broadcaster and want to learn how to improve your collaborations with different stakeholder groups, then this e-discussion is for you! For four weeks, Farm Radio International will be offering an e-discussion for broadcasters and stakeholders on collaboration, from

All three winners of this year’s George Atkins Communications Award show commitment to farmers and Farm Radio International

This year, Farm Radio International is proud to present the George Atkins Communications Award to three passionate broadcasters who have long been dedicated to serving farmers and partnering with Farm Radio International. The three winners are: Ide Carine Tchounga, Radio Medumba, Cameroon Seydou Camara, Radio Wassoulou, Mali Matilda Amoah, Today’s FM, Ghana Ide Carine Tchounga started working at Radio Medumba in her village nearly 20 years ago. She started their

Success stories of the social role of Radio Ndeke Luka, on the occasion of its 19th anniversary

Radio Ndeke Luka, the radio created and supported by Fondation Hirondelle in the Central African Republic, celebrated its 19th anniversary on the 27th of March. The radio is listened to in the Central African Republic and throughout the world thanks to the diversity of its information network. Listeners in Bangui have explained the impact of the radio in their life, at the occasion of its birthday.   Throughout its 19 years of existence,

Community radio stations unite to build peace

The first phase of the UMOJA – Radio for peace project was a huge success. The team started the second phase with in-house trainings. Two days with the whole staff of the radio station. One day is dedicated to conflict related topics and the other day is used for the training on journalistic skills: Interview-technics, feature-writing, fact-checking, content production. Again this phase started with a meeting of all the station

Radio Baré-Bakem on spotlight at the 2019 Moungo Festival

This Proximity Radio station accompanied all the activities of the first edition of the Moungo Festival held from 16 to 20 April 2019. Also called “The Voice of Diversity”, this community station located in the Baré-Bakem subdivision, Moungo division in the Littoral region in Cameroon, obtained its broadcast permit in 2002 under the Memorandum of Understanding between the Cameroon Ministry of Communication, UNDP and the National Governance Programme. It has

Communication at the core of the UN Decade of Family Farming

As the United Nations launches the Decade of Family Farming, a spotlight is drawn to the role of family farmers in feeding themselves and their communities, stewarding environmental protection, and shepherding rural development. Rural people cannot do this work alone or unsupported, and communication is a unifying force – from radio and mobile phones, to mobile applications, websites, videos, and more. For the past few months we have been collecting

Celebrating 40 years of radio excellence

The story goes like this. In 1975 George Atkins, then a farm radio broadcaster with CBC, was travelling down a rural road in Zambia. The group he was with included a number of African broadcasters, there as part of a workshop for farm broadcasters George was working on. George, ever curious, asked about their latest radio shows. One of the broadcasters on the bus with him, a man named Abdul

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How information flows from those with knowledge to those who seek knowledge is important — particularly for those communicators who seek to make transferring knowledge easier. For journalists and radio broadcasters, it can be difficult to access information – or the people who hold knowledge – to share with your listening audience. Fabian Oswald has investigated how information flow through agricultural radio programs in local languages is structured and whether

Voice of Kigezi wins inaugural Liz Hughes Award for Her Farm Radio

On Saturday evenings at 6 p.m., if you tune to Voice of Kigezi on the airwaves in southwestern Uganda, you can hear a program called B’Omugaiga. This is a program about farming, perfect in a highland region where farming is the main industry. But it’s not just farming advice that is discussed in this program. The production team also makes sure to touch on topics that are close to home

A parliamentarian boosts youth engagement in agriculture through radio

Radio Medumba is a rural radio station located in the Bangangté sub-division, Ndé division, West region of Cameroon. Created in August 2000, it has made the rural world its focus with the slogan :  ‘the station at the service of local development’. Agriculture occupies a place of choice in its grid. Since its creation, it devotes two hours a week to farm radio programs presented in French and ‘Medumba’, the